HOPE Bremszange Caliper RX4+ Rennvelo
[SRAM] Flatmount Front +20 red

The RX4 caliper builds on 25 years experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic disc brakes

Gewicht 112 Gramm
Made inBarnoldswick - UK


HOPE bringt mir der RX4 eine speziell auf den Bereich Rennvelo, Quervelo und Gravelbike abgestimmte elegante neue 4-Kolben Bremszange auf den Markt.

Die neue elegante HOPE RX4 Rennvelo-Bremszange wird in 2 Versionen ausgeliefert.

Passend zu Shimano Brems-Schalthebeln und der entsprechenden Bremsflüssigkeit.

Version SRAM
Passend zu SRAM Brems-Schalthebeln und der entsprechenden Bremsflüssigkeit.

Hope have been producing their V-Twin hydraulic brake converter successfully for many years and this is still a quality upgrade for any road or Cyclo cross bike using mechanical disc brakes. However, with the growing number of bikes being supplied with full hydraulic systems every year the function of these calipers is not always to the standard expected by discerning customers.

To answer this requirement Hope have produced specific hydraulic 4 piston calipers that can be retro fitted onto either Shimano or SRAM systems and offer increased piston retraction, which In turn gives less chance of the dreaded disc rub and drag.

Being the oldest bicycle disc brake manufacturer Hope have brought almost 30 years of experience to these calipers.



Shimano Brems-Schalthebeln und der entsprechenden Bremsflüssigkeit.