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YAKIMA - CYKELL Fahrradträger T31 Justclick für 3 Velos [Anhängerkupplung]

mit optionalem Adapter 602 ausbaubar auf 4 Velos...

Thanks to the unique Just Click mounting system, the towball carrier makes transporting your rides a dream.

Aktion Fahrradträger
Gewicht Eigengewicht: 20.300 kg
max. Zuladung: 60 kg
Abstand zwischen den Velos: 20 cm
DimensionL 58 cm  x  W 100 cm  x  H 72 cm
Made inChina


CYKELL Fahrradträger T31 für 3 Velos [auf Anhängerkupplung]

Sie haben die Wahl zwischen den beiden Modellen T21 (für 2 Fahrräder) oder T31 (für 3 Fahrräder). Beide Modelle können mit dem optionalen Adapter 602 um je ein Fahrrad erweitert werden !

The Just click bicycle rack
The Cykell bicycle rack belongs to a new generation of bike carriers due to its unique coupling system.

Future Driven
You can also carry electric bikes on the just click bicycle rack. And you can add 1 extra bike to each type of rack.

Sure & secure
The just click bicycle rack is not just strong and sturdy. Cykell is super-safe too. The system has been tested to the extreme. What is more, you can lock the whole bike rack as well as each individual bicycle.

One of Cykells unique features is the removable grip arms. The arms are fitted with a gripping system with two clamp components. The clamp components are soft on the inside to protect your bike. Everything can be locked up safely, from the entire bike rack to each individual bike.

We have added a handy, back-friendly drive-up ramp for getting electric bikes onto the rack. Stow away the optional back-friendly drive-up ramp with a single click.

Cykells compactness makes it easy to store. Storing a bike rack has never been so quick and easy. You will never get in a tangle again thanks to the handy wheels.

1 press of the foot pedal turns the bike rack. This makes it easier to connect the lights or get things out of the boot.

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Ein Adapter-Stecker ist im Lieferumfang enthalten. Der CYKELL Träger passt somit zu 7- oder 13-poligen Steckdosen am Auto.


Shop // Marken // Cykell // FE-100.031