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TUFO MTB-Pneu XC-11 TR / 29 x 2.25 Tubeless

Tubeless ready all purpose MTB tyre intended for XC and marathons

Gewicht 745 Gramm (gewogen)
DimensionSize: 29 x 2.25 
Pressure: 2-3.5 bar (30-50 p.s.i.)
TPI Count : 210 / 375
Made inCzech Republic


TUFO MTB-Pneu XC11 TR 29 x 2.25

Tubeless ready all purpose MTB tyre intended for XC and marathons

Thanks to the VECTRAN PUNCTURE BARRIER, the tyre has excellent puncture protection under the tread and more importantly at the most vulnerable part - the sidewalls. The tread pattern of the XC11 TR tyre provides low rolling resistance, self cleaning and good grip.

This most effective anti-puncture system is placed directly under the tread area. A core of the anti-puncture system is made from VECTRAN - liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fibres which are five times stronger than steel. VECTRAN offers also outstanding cut resistance and high impact resistace at a low weight - highly demanding properties for high-end bicycle tyres. VECTRAN PUNCTURE BARRIER not only provides the best possible puncture protection but also ensures cornering and stability.

Oil Silica
A soft compound (60 Shore A) developed for MTB cross country and marathon tubulars. Adding a reasonable amount of oil to a polymer blend with Activated Silica improves traction and reduces rolling resistance. Reasonable tread wear.


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Die Langstreckenspezialistin Lael Wilcox aus Anchorage USA fuhr diesen Reifen im Sommer 2018 erfolgreich und OHNE Pannen am Navad-1000 Race von Romanshorn nach Montreux (1000 km mit 31.500 HM)


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