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MODOLO Lenker KX .::. 26.0 mm .::. 40 cm .::. Full-Carbon

Gewicht 199 bis 219 Gramm
Made inItaly


Monocoque - Full Carbon/Kevlar - UD linear fibres

The new road handlebar KX has a super-ergonomical grip. The upper part has a 12mm wider leaning surface compared to conventional handlebars thanks to a double curve. The depth of the handlebar (reach) is only 91mm. The height of the handlebar (drop) is more compact than a conventional handlebar, at 143mm.

The lower bend, CURVISSIMA , is the direct evolution of the anatomical bend patented by Modolo in 1985 that allowed only two hand positions. The new bend has a super-comfortable micropositions grip. It s more compact, stiffer and more comfortable.

The special upper palmar shape offers a very comfortable grip, and the tangential routeing of brake and gear cables, CAD designed, are positioned for minimum possible friction.

In testing, the KX handlebar exceeded the extremely severe German DIN-PLUS standard, which included the crash-test.


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Shop // Marken // Modolo // FE-360.011