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MODOLO Lenker CROW ATB / 25.4 mm / 56 cm / 3° / Karbon-Kevlar

Gewicht 139 Gramm
Made inItaly


Modolo uses long fibre technology for the whole range of its carbon-kevlar handlebars. The advantage of this expensive choice is the extraordinary safety of the products and a minimum weight. If it breaks accidentally, the handlebar does not break clean off, but it splits along the fibres, avoiding serious damage. The whole range of Modolo composite handlebars is also tested according to the severe DIN-PLUS standards.

Crow has won the World Championship XC and the Italian Championship twice. Moreno Trabucchi - Twice World ATB Masters 1 Champion, Italian XC Masters 2 Champion 2006. Annabella Stropparo - Ten times Italian XC/MARATHON/CROSS Champion. Piero Pellegrino - Italian XC champion 2008.


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Shop // Marken // Modolo // FE-360.311