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Joes ECO Tubeless-System Werkstatt-Kit

Made inIsrael


Joes Eco Sealant conversion kit contains the new generation of sealants: it is latex free, ammonium free and protein free. That means it s suitable for people with allergy and sensitivity to latex and protein and for sensitive rims and tires. It seals holes up to 6 mm and seals wall bleeding (air leak from the thin side walls).

Tubeless System is the most important upgrade available for a dedicated cyclist.

Benefits of tubeless system are:
- When using a converting system you save hundreds of dollars in comparison with dedicated tubeless system.
- Reducing weight where it s most important- at the outside of the wheel.
- Better protection against flats and no snake bites (pinch flats).
- Decrease of rolling resistance- that means you go faster with less effort.
- It is possible to ride with reduced air pressure in the tires to increase traction with no fear of snake bites.

Tubeless technology is not the future - it s the present !


Shop // Marken // JOES Tubeless-System // FE-501.101